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Are you struggling with poor sleep? We can help.

If you answer YES to just ONE of the following questions, sleep problems may be robbing years from your life:

Discover why eliminating snoring may extend your life by 10 years or more, control depression and anxiety, save your marriage, and help you feel more energetic. Sound too good to be true? 
Millions of people have discovered how better sleep impacts their days and nights.
Now, it’s your turn.

Solve the sleep riddle

Nothing feels better than a good night’s rest. The sun shines brighter, coffee tastes better, and your feet hit the floor quicker. Sleep produces a sophisticated blend of restorative functions to every system in the body. And your emotional and physical wellness are dramatically affected by the quantity and quality of sleep.

Unfortunately, at least 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, and many cases create life-threatening stress on the body. Worse, 80% of them don’t even know what’s happening. They often feel tired, depressed, agitated, and frustrated, and they can’t figure out why. To compound the misery, studies show that lifespans can be shortened by years when sleep disorders are left untreated.


What about Snoring?

Snoring isn’t a laughing matter. 70% of snorers suffer from a more serious disorder and may experience hundreds of disruptions to their sleep every night. Studies show that divorce rates amongst snorers are higher than average, too. Sleeping next to a partner creating sounds equivalent to a vacuum cleaner and leads to insomnia, stress, and a lack of sexual intimacy. Snoring often disrupts more than one person and causes emotional and physical effects for everyone involved.

An alternative to CPAP

In 2015, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine published comprehensive guidelines for the treatment of OSA with oral appliances. As a result, any patient that is intolerant of CPAP or requests alternate treatment should be prescribed an oral appliance.

Properly calibrated oral appliances help position the jaw in a precise location, maintaining an open airway throughout the night. This allows you to breathe like you do during the day, which keeps blood oxygen levels in the proper range and helps eliminate snoring. Oral appliances are generally more tolerable than CPAP and boast much higher compliance rates

The next step

Maybe you’d like to experience a little more pep in your work day, eliminate a blood pressure medication, feel more alert with your family, or dull the roar that’s keeping your partner awake at night. Making sure healthy sleep occurs night after night makes everyone’s life, and relationships, a little better. It may even add a decade of enjoyable years to your life.

If you're struggling with poor sleep, CPAP machines, or snoring, calibrated mouth appliances provide a solution.

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