Dental Implants

Eat, Smile, and Laugh:
Dental Implants Give The Confidence You Deserve.

Dental implants offer innovative solutions for tooth replacement. Whether you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, customized plans that return your mouth to full beauty and function can be created. Dental implants have become the gold standard for tooth replacement, and a blend of advanced training, technology, and experience brings you the best in modern dentistry. These three components work together to ensure you enjoy years of benefits with proven systems.

A Formula For Success

Research indicates that the success rate of dental implants is greater than 95%, with 500,000 new implants being placed each year in the U.S. But success rates vary widely between providers depending on numerous factors. The best way to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment is to seek out dental teams dedicated to successful, proven techniques. You may want to evaluate the following factors:


The knowledge and skills of the doctor directing the treatment impact the outcome of implant placement. At Wahl Dental Co., we’re passionate about offering unmatched expertise to patients, and we integrate the finest resources available. Dr. Wahl’s commitment to excellence led her to pursue first-class training in dental implants. Many variables influence implant success, and commitment to continuing education is vital.


Training and experience go hand-in-hand when it comes to implant dentistry. Maintaining steady personal growth in all areas of healthcare includes applying new skills and knowledge every day. Our team is committed to changing lives with implant services, and have the practical background to deliver successful results.


Major advancements in technology help providers use their training and experience to the fullest measure. Digital x-ray systems may include 3D imaging gathered by a CT scanner to analyze detailed information for safe implant placement. You receive the ultimate in precision and accuracy from a focus on innovations that elevate the quality of care.

How can dental implants be used?

Dental implants can replace one or more teeth, or they can be used to support a loose denture. Ask us about the options to enhance your appearance and chewing!

Discover Dental Excellence at Wahl Dental Co.

With proper homecare and regular preventive visits, dental implants can last as long as your natural teeth. Our team helps you every step of the way so you’ll enjoy the daily benefits of exceptional dentistry. We’re here to answer every question and partner with you for better health. Call us today for a no-obligation visit to explore the possibilities!

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