Wellness. Restorative. Exceptional.

A dental practice that puts you first.

Discover ways to restore your smile, stabilize a denture, and improve your chewing with durable, long-lasting implants.

Beautiful porcelain restorations created in one visit: No impressions, temporary crowns, or second appointments.

If you're struggling with poor sleep, CPAP machines, or snoring, calibrated mouth appliances provide a solution.

Oral health is one contributo to general wellness, and our preventive services keep
 you smiling.

Patients choose us for our comprehensive and conservative approach to their overall health and wellbeing.

Meet Dr. Wahl

A graduate of Tonasket High School, I went on to study dentistry at the University of Washington where I trained to practice in rural locations.

Before starting my own practice, I worked at a private office Coeur d’Alene, then in a community clinic in Colville. I am also an affiliate faculty member at my alma mater, the University of Washington.

My dental approach is one that prioritizes thoughtfulness and artistry. I also believe patients play an active role in their oral health, which is why I prioritize patient education as part of my standard of care. My patients know they can have an open and honest dialogue with me about anything regarding their dental and overall health. Learn more

We believe in offering thoughtful and exceptional dental care that will leave you feeling healthy, rejuvenated, and happy.


We believe in educating our patients in proper dental health to help you gain the WELLNESS you deserve!


Our RESTORATIVE expertise will be delivered with a thoughtful, artistic, and extraordinary commitment.


And our care to you will be nothing less than honest and EXCEPTIONAL!

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